Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Water Sports on East Havana Beaches Playa del Este in Cuba
Tourist Flock to Havana Beaches
Record number of foreign tourist have visited the beaches of Cuba this year as countries like Canada Italy, Spain Portugal, Germany, France and especially Russia have all had significant increases in Cuba Vacations. Russia has always had Cuba on their holiday hotel agenda but traffic has decreased for over a decade until this year where Russian tourist armed with big dollars have invaded Cuban beach hotels from Varadero, Havana, Trinidad & Cayo Largo.
The true surprise is that even though the American government has had a 50 year embargo against Cuba, this year the American Tourist was #1 in terms of growth in tourism to Cuba. U.S. tourist from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and the top American state to send Tourist to Cuba was Miami Florida due to its large number of Cuban  Americans that return frequently to visit their family back in Cuba.
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